An image of the text, "Merry Christmas!"

‘Twas the Morning After Christmas

My dad came over and gave me the most unexpected gift yesterday: an iMac. Like, what?! Are you serious? I genuinely feel like a little kid right now. I truly can’t believe this. I mean, I can believe it because he’s always gone above and beyond for me, but I’m an ADULT now. He really doesn’t have to get me anything. I’m so grateful that he doesn’t view it that way and I’m super thankful for this gift because ya girl needs it. (My 2013 Macbook Pro has been screaming, “Bitch, let me die,” for months.)

I feel like I have more to say but I’m struggling to put it into words, so I’ll keep this post short and end with the following: I am so thankful, happy, and excited to put this machine to work. Merry Christmas! I hope your heart feels as full as mine does right now. 😘

Why are my holiday posts always late?

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