An illustration of Lil Nas X, accompanied by the following text, "Watch me draw Lil Nas X."

Watch Me Draw Lil Nas X

I‘m sitting at my desk at 2:30 a.m. trying to think of something to say about the Lil Nas X illustration that I just posted on my YouTube channel but I don’t have anything to say. I think I said everything that I wanted to say in the video. Lol Watch it. Like it. Subscribe to my channel. I’m tired, babes. Good nig—well, good morning, actually. Oh, there’s an update on my raggedy job coming soon (if anyone was wondering). Until then, watch this 👇🏾 video!

An Illustration of a Game Boy Advance and the following text, "I'm just a big kid. Bite me."

A Random Illustration

Just popping in to share this illustration! I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing with this Wacom tablet but I’m enjoying the journey of figuring it out. This Game Boy Advance illustration is the first piece of art that I really tried to make with my tablet. I’ve created other things, of course, but I really tried with this one and I’m so happy with the outcome. I created it based off of a reference photo with the Pen tool in Illustrator. What do you think?

An Illustration of a Game Boy Advance
Before I added the background and text…

My Cousin-uncle Died


A few days ago my mother told me that Jay Jay, my cousin who, due to a significant age gap, was more like an uncle to me, had passed away and it got me thinking: death is by far the worst thing about getting older. Yea, I know we can die at any age and at any moment but that’s unexpected. We literally expect to die as we age. I hate this. Like, who made death a rule? Sometimes my mind wanders and I wonder what death is like. Do we really just disappear? Do we get reincarnated? Do we watch over our loved ones? What happens to our minds in that moment? I have SO much life to live, so I don’t want to go anytime soon but I do think about death every now and then. I can’t imagine being here, fully aware and functional, one moment and then gone the next. How dare our bodies just expire like that? Bodies, who raised y’all?