What Are We All Doing?

I don’t know why but this randomly popped into my head: None of us knows what we’re doing in life and none us will ever know what the fuck we’re doing because we are all doing life for the first time.

Do with that what you may! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Lol

Yep, He Really Said That

I just realized that the guy from my profile writing class who said he didn’t know that Black people ate frozen yogurt was about 40 at the time and… wow. Let me explain: It was 2014, I was like half way through Columbia’s journo program, and I was sitting in my professor’s office (I feel like it was a cubicle situation) when she told me what he said. She was giving me a heads up because we were going to spend the next class taking a bias quiz.

Apparently, they were talking about Harlem and he said something like he was surprised to see a frozen yogurt place there (or something like that) because he didn’t know we ate frozen yogurt. I was out the day that this happened, FYI. So, yea, we took a bias test in the next class, talked about it, and that was that.


Let’s Chat About ‘Love Is Blind’ (Yea, I watch It Too) Season Four

I’ve been watching Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” since it aired in 2020 and, I must say, season four gave season one — basically, everyone’s favorite season— a run for its money. It was far more engaging than the previous two seasons and offered an excitement that rivaled season one. I’m pretty sure we have the obvious break from the usual LIB formula (pod dates, couples trip, live together, and say I dos or I don’ts) to thank for that.

Did you watch this season or last night’s late ass reunion? What did you think? Listen to my thoughts below and let’s discuss!

Sir, What Are You Doing?

Currently at the gym getting a little run in and this man has been standing on the treadmill next to me (there’s one between us) for a half and hour. Maybe he’s just lost on his phone but… sir, what is you doin’? 😂 Let me stop. I’m sure he has his reasons.

Hope you’re having a good day/night whoever and wherever you are, reader!

The Most Interesting-Looking Game Art I’ve Ever Seen

Just saw this ad for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos on Twitter and this game looks weird as fuck… I gotta play it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this style of art before. I like how it looks flat but 3D.

It Really Is Time for ‘The Flash’ to End

I’m currently watching the latest episode of “The Flash” and we’re at the point where Barry feels defeated and Joe is giving him the good ol’ pep talk that all of the CW’s Black characters give at some point. I am so tired of this man’s — Barry — self-loathing. Like, it’s been (what) eight years since the show began? And this man still hasn’t stopped blaming himself for everything?! I am TIRED.

Also, I hate the way the writers just completely dropped the whole Joe is Barry’s father storyline. Remember that episode in season one or two where Joe told Barry that he was his son or… Barry called Joe, dad? I think it was when Joe almost died and Barry was relieved to see him. I don’t remember. Either way, the point is: there was something to continue exploring or at least continue highlighting there.

Anyways, it’s time for this show to end. No Cisco naming the villains/no new villains to name. 🤷🏾‍♀️ No new Wells and bo real storyline for Iris (why would the writers integrate her into the Flash’s team like that?) I think the only major change that I like is adding Chester. I knew he was going to stay the first episode I saw him in. All that said, I’m looking forward to the show ending and seeing the actors take on new roles.

Day One Of Me Getting Back Into Fashion Design

I didn’t get anything done today but I cleared my cutting table and opened the books. I flipped through them to remind myself of where I left off and now I’m walking away. Why? It’s seven-something p.m. and I feel like… well, I just don’t feel like I have the energy to start up right now, so I’m setting a goal.

I am going to remeasure my dressform (I have my old measurements but I really feel like I need to do it again to refresh my brain on it) and recreate my bodice patterns this coming Saturday. I really want to learn how to sew and create my own designs and I genuinely believe that I am going to be good at it. I just have to get out of my head and do it.

When A Cringe Moment Haunts You

Yesterday, I went to this cute lil restaurant with a friend. It was cool; we were just catching up. The check came (we split it, as usual), and for some reason it didn’t register to me that the tip was what we each owed and not the total for both. So, I gave a six dollar tip on a seven-something dollar tip thinking it would be well over the seven dollars since she was also tipping (I hope I’m making sense) and I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Lol Like, I feel bad because it was just a dollar and something extra. That server probably talked mad shit about me but this was my first time eating out since October and I didn’t even pay then because it was my birthday. I don’t know indoor dining rules/top etiquette anymore! 😩 I’ll make sure to tip extra the next time I go back.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Yay? Meh? IDK)

I was tinkering around with my Hinge account today when I realized that I need to take some new photos. I have a ton of photos of what I see but almost none of me. I also noticed that the photos that I do have of me are of me not smiling. Now, I’m not one to be cheesing all in photos but, for some reason, my lack of smiling felt jarring today. (It never has before.) I actually stopped scrolling and asked myself: Why did you post these? It was because I liked how my skin looked in them lol!

Those photos don’t resonate with me anymore; they don’t even feel like me. When I look at photos of me, I want to feel what I feel when I watch videos of me: warmth, excitement, and gorgeousness. So this weekend, I’m setting some time aside to take some new photos. Nothing too crazy, just a few cute shots.

An illustration of a Black person sitting with their legs crossed and the following text, "30-Day Yoga Challenge."

30-Day Yoga Challenge | Day 8

I did not feel like doing yoga or blogging yesterday, so I didn’t. Instead, I stayed up all night researching dog breeds and places to get puppies in New York City. I haven’t made any calls yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to become a dog mom before the end of the year to a havanese or a havanese and poodle mix. They seem to have the temperament I’m looking for, a good lifespan, and they’re just so cute! I love their fluffy little faces. Moment of honesty: I am going to checkout adoption as a first option but I’m not above buying a pup. Yes, I know. Bad, Shanté. But… I found two places that look legit and seem to be very invested in their dogs’ health and maintaining high standards for the breeders they work with. Nothing is set in stone so we’ll see. I think I’m going to visit an adoption place over the weekend to learn more about the process.

Oh, I did yoga in the morning (before work!) for the first time today. That’s a goal I’ve been trying to hit since I started the challenge.