An illustration of a Black person sitting with their legs crossed and the following text, "30-Day Yoga Challenge."

30-Day Yoga Challenge | Day 8

I did not feel like doing yoga or blogging yesterday, so I didn’t. Instead, I stayed up all night researching dog breeds and places to get puppies in New York City. I haven’t made any calls yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to become a dog mom before the end of the year to a havanese or a havanese and poodle mix. They seem to have the temperament I’m looking for, a good lifespan, and they’re just so cute! I love their fluffy little faces. Moment of honesty: I am going to checkout adoption as a first option but I’m not above buying a pup. Yes, I know. Bad, Shanté. But… I found two places that look legit and seem to be very invested in their dogs’ health and maintaining high standards for the breeders they work with. Nothing is set in stone so we’ll see. I think I’m going to visit an adoption place over the weekend to learn more about the process.

Oh, I did yoga in the morning (before work!) for the first time today. That’s a goal I’ve been trying to hit since I started the challenge.

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