I Negotiated My Pay for the First Time!

I wrote this about two months ago but forgot to post it. Woops!

I negotiated my pay rate for a new job last week and I’m hyped! I feel like I’m too old to be saying that but it’s true. I’ve, honestly, never even considered pushing back on a job offer before because I was too afraid of “messing up my chances” of securing the position. Ugh! I hate how America makes you feel like shit for asking for more than the bare minimum.

You know, this reminds me of the time a person in need asked me for money to get something to eat. I handed them about three pounds (I was studying abroad in London, at the time) and as I turned to retrieve my meal they said, “Do you think you could give me enough for a meal?” Initially, I thought, Excuse you?! But then I thought, Oh, shit, I would want enough for a meal too. We’re so programmed to be grateful for whatever we’re offered that when we ask for what we need, it feels like (or is interpreted as) disrespect. 

ION know about y’all, but I’m done being overly accommodating and hyper-aware of an employer’s feelings when my needs are at stake. Those people have money; ask for it. My future employer, for example, offered me the 2019 base rate and increased it up to the 2021 rate when I asked for more. This is so slick because it gives the impression that they’re working with me and giving me a better deal, even though the are just giving me the bare minimum of what they should be offering me. It doesn’t matter how uniquely qualified I am for the position or how genuinely excited they seem to be about my arrival, they still tried to lowball me. Why? Because they have the company’s best interest in mind. 

We — those of use who are allowed to navigate within this type of freedom when pursuing jobs — should keep in mind the fact that these employers don’t give a fuck about us. The next time you want a raise or a bigger starting salary, just ask. There is no harm in asking.

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