WTF Was This Season of ‘You’?

I just finished watching Netflix’s “You” and that shit was way more frustrating than it was thrilling or captivating. No lie, I was annoyed from the beginning to the end.

I spent the entire season rolling my eyes at Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) because she just kept doing shit. Like, girl, sit down. Stop acting like a goddamn fool. (Just out here killing or trapping people left and right!) But, as I type this, my perspective on her is changing. You know those memes that go: “The villain vs. The actual villain”? Well, we’re led to view Love as the villain when Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) was the actual villain. He lied about being obsessed and involved with both women and treated Love like she was delusional for thinking that he was. She had no business killing people but, you know, in their world killing and stalking is normal. Being obsessed with other women was a known deal-breaker in their marriage, so Joe gave her no choice but to wild the fuck out. Shanté, why are you out here justifying murder and kidnapping? I hate it when shows make me empathize with people who do foul shit. SMH.

Oh, and one part that stuck out to me was when Joe rationalized killing the reporter and differentiated his type of violence from Love’s. In his mind, he kills to “protect” the people that he loves; he does it “for” them. Sir, stop lying. Love’s way isn’t any more impulsive than yours. You are just a master manipulator who is better at cleaning up your messes.

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