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30 Day Yoga Challenge | Diary Entry for the Final Week!

I have been trying to complete Yoga With Adriene’s “30 Day Yoga Challenge” for the past three years and I always fall off at Day 15 or Day 16 but I’m making it to day 30, this year. I figure the best way to hold myself accountable is to write daily posts about it, so here’s today’s post!

After years of trying and failing miserably, I finally completed Adriene’s “30 Day Yoga Challenge” and bitch, I’m happy. I am so proud of myself for sticking to my first commitment to myself of the year and blogging about it. I intended to blog every day but, after a while, I just didn’t feel like doing it. Blogging about the challenge started to feel like a boring chore, hence, the reason why I started clumping days together. I had also gotten to the point where I didn’t need to blog to hold myself accountable. (Aaeooow! Go me!)

Here are five things that I noticed/realized during this challenge:

  1. Yoga helps me sleep. I slept so well this month. I mean, sure, my sleeping schedule was out of wack every now and then and I had trouble going to sleep at my desired time but when I got to sleep, though? I sleeeept. My body was so relaxed.
  2. She lookin’ kinda snatched. The booty is lifted, the thighs and calves are tighter, and the belly? Oh, she gettin’ there.
  3. I’m more aware of my body. Since starting this challenge, I have been hyperaware of when my shoulders are sitting up high and when my body is idle in an uncomfortable position. This realization may sound silly but I bet if you paid attention to your body right now, you’d notice that your legs are bunched up or in an awkward position (even though you have mad space to stretch out).
  4. It’s helpful to write things down. I’m pretty sure that blogging religiously at the beginning set the foundation for me to complete the challenge. Writing about it made it real and attainable.
  5. I actually do have time. I have time to work out; time to take a nap; time to think about nothing; time to practice my hobbies; time to pursue my goals; and just… time. There is always time to make time for myself.

P.S. I have no idea why this list starts at zero instead of one on mobile. 🥴

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