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30 Day Yoga Challenge | Diary Entry’s #22 and #23

I have been trying to complete Yoga With Adriene’s “30 Day Yoga Challenge” for the past three years and I always fall off at Day 15 or Day 16 but I’m making it to day 30, this year. I figure the best way to hold myself accountable is to write daily posts about it, so here’s today’s post!

One more week to go and the challenge is over! I’m planning to join Keaira Lashae‘s virtual gym at IfYouCanMove.com and take on a new challenge next month but I won’t be blogging about it. I think I’m going to record it, so I can see my progress and create one of those cool timelapse-ish videos. Also, I’m ready to get back to my usual random blog posts and visuals (I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of this galaxy photo lol).

Crap! I just realized that I didn’t read up on Biden’s cabinet or the Executive Orders that he signed last week. I told myself that I would dedicate time to educate myself this weekend but… Where did the time go? I really want to stay on top of this administration and prioritize being informed because, honestly, I can’t tell you which Senator supported what or when. I’m going to challenge myself to take a deeper dive into politics this year and look into the laws and whatever else is passed by this administration. It’s not enough for me to know that something happened; I also need to know why it happened.

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