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30 Day Yoga Challenge | Diary Entry #13

I have been trying to complete Yoga With Adriene’s “30 Day Yoga Challenge” for the past three years and I always fall off at Day 15 or Day 16 but I’m making it to day 30, this year. I figure the best way to hold myself accountable is to write daily posts about it, so here’s today’s post!

Today’s session was a breeze. I wasn’t excited about showing up for it though because I was busy doodling. I bought this drawing tablet a few days ago and I’m obsessed with it. I just want to create things all of the time now! I’m not a pro yet but I’m getting the hang of it.

Just a random doodle I created while practicing using Adobe Illustrator.

I’m really enjoying exploring Adobe Illustrator and all that its tools have to offer, even the “Pen” tool. That shit used to irk the fuck out of me. Even though I’ve used Illustrator countless times, I had no idea how to work the “Pen” tool until yesterday. Can’t wait to see how I progress!

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