A picture of Shanté with her hair in two puffs.

Corona Chronicles: My Hair Has Seen Better Days

Am I the only person who’s been struggling to keep up with a hair care routine during this pandemic? It makes no sense because I have an abundance of time to take care of my hair but I just won’t. I still wash it, of course, but it’s like pulling teeth to get me to thoroughly moisturize and twist my hair. Once the deep conditioner hits my hair, my brain is like, “Well, we can just leave this on until it’s time to wash again.”

A close-up picture of Shanté with her hair in two puffs.

Pre pandemic Shanté would’ve never done that but pandemic Té doesn’t care. I’m really trying to break out of this habit because I love my natural hair and I don’t want to damage it but… I’m not motivated to thoroughly take care of it. It’s usually time for a cut when I feel like this but I’ve been keeping up with my trims and everything looks and feels good, so that’s not it. I think it’s just the pandemic throwing me off my routine. Whatever the cause is, I’m pulling myself out of this rut before the new year.

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