My Cousin-uncle Died


A few days ago my mother told me that Jay Jay, my cousin who, due to a significant age gap, was more like an uncle to me, had passed away and it got me thinking: death is by far the worst thing about getting older. Yea, I know we can die at any age and at any moment but that’s unexpected. We literally expect to die as we age. I hate this. Like, who made death a rule? Sometimes my mind wanders and I wonder what death is like. Do we really just disappear? Do we get reincarnated? Do we watch over our loved ones? What happens to our minds in that moment? I have SO much life to live, so I don’t want to go anytime soon but I do think about death every now and then. I can’t imagine being here, fully aware and functional, one moment and then gone the next. How dare our bodies just expire like that? Bodies, who raised y’all?

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