Happy Valentine’s Day! (Yay? Meh? IDK)

I was tinkering around with my Hinge account today when I realized that I need to take some new photos. I have a ton of photos of what I see but almost none of me. I also noticed that the photos that I do have of me are of me not smiling. Now, I’m not one to be cheesing all in photos but, for some reason, my lack of smiling felt jarring today. (It never has before.) I actually stopped scrolling and asked myself: Why did you post these? It was because I liked how my skin looked in them lol!

Those photos don’t resonate with me anymore; they don’t even feel like me. When I look at photos of me, I want to feel what I feel when I watch videos of me: warmth, excitement, and gorgeousness. So this weekend, I’m setting some time aside to take some new photos. Nothing too crazy, just a few cute shots.