A screenshot of the Character Daryl Dixon from the show, "The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11, Episode 10

This episode gave me serious déjà vu to when our crew first arrived to Alexandria and we got the famous “Who’s Deanna?” line. The people at the Common Wealth (CW), just like Alexandria’s original community, are very adamant about upholding a social hierarchy. That’s so annoying because bitch, y’all are in a whole apocalypse. I know a sense of normalcy is important but it’s been like 10 years now and all of y’all have literally been living in the trenches. Where do you find the nerve to separate by class? That’s the only thing (so far) that I don’t like about the CW.

Anyways, I’d say this episode was all about Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). We got to see how seemingly well he’s adjusting to the new environment, his struggle with the CW’s army, and we even got to see how he’s embraced his role as Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) and Rick Grimes Jr.’s (Antony Azor) guardian. One thing that surprised me about this episode was how happy and genuinely interested in the CW Daryl seemed. It took him a while to take Alexandria and the community’s way of life serious, so to see him indulging in a walker-themed haunted house and submit to Mercer (Michael James Shaw) felt odd. I fully expected Daryl to push back at Mercer but he didn’t. I wonder if he believes in what the CW is doing or if he’s just being strategic and keeping his head down for the time being.

Lastly, I hope the show runners show us what happened when Daryl and the gang first arrived; I’m a little annoyed that we didn’t get to see that. It’s not super important but I think it would be helpful because seeing our crew fall in line at the CW just doesn’t feel real without context. I need to see what happened.

A screenshot of the Character Father Gabriel from the show, The Walking Dead."

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11, Episode 9

When Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) took over the Reaper’s sniper and replied “Call me Gabriel” in that walkie talkie, I was like “Yes, bitch!” I knew he was going to come through somehow but I wasn’t sure how or when.

You know, Father Gabriel is probably the most improved character of “The Walking Dead’s” entire series — I’m surprised he lasted long enough to be one of our core characters. He went from a scared priest who let his congregation die while he hoarded food and supplies, to a badass machete wielding threat. We used to be unable to trust him with the most mundane tasks like, (I don’t know) go find food. Now, this man is saving people?! Wow.

Anyways, the theme of this episode seemed to be: we stressed the fuck out. Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) and Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) were about to drown and get eaten by walkers, Aaron (Ross Marquand) was literally holding on for dare life, the Reaper’s were whooping their asses, AND it was pouring rain outside. I really didn’t know how this episode was going to end, but the Common Wealth’s soldiers knocking on their door with raggedy ass Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in tow seemed fitting. I can’t stand Eugene; he’s just so damn gullible.

Oh, and Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) dumbass should not have let his lil girlfriend live. Has he learned nothing from the Dwight situation?! Bruh. Also, I know the flash forward clip at the end was supposed to make us think that the people who stayed with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and the people who left with Daryl are at odds but I ain’t buying that. There’s some sort of plan going on and I’m excited to see it unfold throughout the season.