A picture of a monstera plant.

There’s a Worm in My Apartment

I was about to pick up Monty, my first monstera, to put it away for the night when I noticed something creeping in the soil—just slithering around and whatnot. I don’t mean to be that girl (woman) but I am so disgusted. 😂 Get it out! I don’t want it here. I know worms are good for plants and soil but bitch… who asked for this!? I’m tired, I keep feeling something crawling on me, and I really don’t deserve this.

I was so caught off guard that I sprayed it with roach spray and neem oil. 🥴 Y’all think my plant is going to survive? I hope so. The thing probably crawled up because I gave Monty a thorough watering a few minutes ago. Uhh! Okay, according to Google, worms don’t like dry soil, so I’ll just dry it out.

Send me all of your well wishes during this difficult time.