I Ran Out of Honey Pot Pads 🥺

Welp, it’s back to the “ghetto” I go. I forgot to re-up on my Honey Pot overnight pads, my go-to since trying them in January, and I’z (yes, I meant to write that!) feeling mighty down. I don’t wanna use Always, again.

I mean, I can tell Always is trying with the new packaging and whatever but… the quality is just nonexistent. They’re too thin and don’t absorb as well as Honey Pot pads do. Like, Honey Pot ain’t never made me double up. I use one pad at a time and that’s all I need but Always? It’s double or nothing. Sure, I could get the thicker version of Always’ pads but I like length and a lil bit of thickness. Not diaper thick, you know?

Anyways, happy Saturday! 😘

A picture of four Honey Pot products sitting on a table next to a plant.

Trying Out Honey Pot Products

This year, I’m on a mission to replace all of my current essentials/reoccurring purchases with products made by black people or, if the former isn’t available, people of color. First up is Honey Pot, a plant-based feminine care brand that is “Made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas,” according to its tag line. I made a mental note to try Honey Pot a year ago but I was having trouble breaking out of the habit of picking up my go-to brands and, well, going against convenience. My go-to brands are available at several corner stores and supermarkets near me, while Honey Pot is a 15-minute drive to Target (or Whole Foods) or a few days away via an online order. I finally made the leap and picked up a pack of wipes, two packs of overnight pads, and one bottle of wash (I opted for the sensitive wash and wipes).

First Impressions: I tested out the wipes yesterday and they’re much softer and thicker than the Summer’s Eve wipes. They smell good, too! I’m currently testing out the overnight pads and the tingling feeling that everyone talks about is a lil weird but it doesn’t bother me; it’s kind of soothing, actually. Hopefully, it doesn’t irritate me. The pads are much softer and (I think) a bit longer than Always’ overnight pads. Miss Lo who resides below seems to be happy with her new products but we’ll see.

Anyways, I’m excited to try everything out and see what’s in store for Honey Pot and its founder Beatrice Dixon.