An illustration of a Black person sitting with their legs crossed and the following text, "30-Day Yoga Challenge."

30-Day Yoga Challenge | Day 4

I almost forgot to post, y’all! I finished today’s challenge an hour or two ago and would’ve been annoyed if I messed up my posting streak. It’s silly but I like receiving that streak notification. Anyways, today I realized that how I start my morning heavily shapes my day. My mind felt so all over the place today that I had to put effort into focusing. Monday to Wednesday, though? Ya girl was locked in and busting through assignments. The difference between those days and today is that I started them off in silence. Instead of turning on a podcast or streaming a show, I just… washed my face, brushed my teeth, and got to work (or commute). It was so relaxing; I want that feeling everyday.

Oh, yoga was great, by the way. Later!

An illustration of a Black person sitting with their legs crossed and the following text, "30-Day Yoga Challenge."

30-Day Yoga Challenge | Day 1

Today’s practice was different. I drifted off more, let my body take the lead instead of my mind, and felt the poses more deeply. I told myself that I want work on getting out of my head in 2023. You think today’s experience was my body’s way of telling me I was heard? I do. I’ve participated in Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge for a few years now, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be more of an exploration than a challenge. Anyways, day one: done!

See you tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

“Been gone for a minute. Now I’m back with the jump off. Goons in the” — Okay, you get it. I’m back and with a new look. Ju like it? I do!

My favorite thing about this new layout is that it isn’t as reliant on visuals as my last layout was. I didn’t post as much as I wanted to last year because I felt pressured to create or find a good image to accompany posts. Now, I can just post things on the fly. I really want to challenge myself to share my thoughts more because I really be having shit to say.

Anyways, my word of the year is “Consistency.” Whatever I do this year, I’m going to do it consistently; I’m tired of trying everything but doing nothing.

A picture of Shanté.

Watch Me Bring My Hair Back to Life After Braids

I‘m usually good at keeping my hair moisturized while wearing braids but I couldn’t be bothered this time, so I just knew my hair was going to be dry as fuck when I took them out. And… it was. Here’s a lil photo essay of me bringing it back to life.

You Can Remove the Wrapping from Sausages?

So… I was today year’s old when I realized the wrapping around sausages could be removed. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve been fussing with/eating that shit for years.

Did y’all know this? Also, I hope you are doing well! I’ve just been over here working and trying to figure out how to have a safe hot girl summer (too much shit going on in the world). Anyways, I’ll talk to you later this week — gotta hit the gym.

Dick-looking chicken sausages that I got from Whole Foods.

A Central Park Duck Tried to Square Up

I took a stroll through Central Park the other day and, y’all, when I say the ducks were sick of me… Lol! This duck (ducks can be brown too, right?) was SICK of my shit. I snapped like five pics and it was like, “Okay, girl, you need a closer look?!” And flew right at me. I knew something was up because brownie and their friend kept staring at me.

The duck that knucked and bucked at me in Central Park.

This pic is my favorite:


Nine to Fives are Ghetto

Today was my first day working full-time after working part-time for five months and… I am not well. I mean, the day went better than I expected it to (especially since I had to work in person) but I’m still dreading the nine to five life, you know? As I state in the video below, “It just ain’t me.”

Here’s why I’m putting myself through this again:

Random Impulse buy: Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit by the Foot, and Fruit Gushers

Picked up a box of these sticky fruity candies the other day and these shits don’t hit like they used to. They’re not nasty; they’re just not amazing. The Fruit roll-up and Footlong, my favorites back in the day, are a lot thinner than I remember too. The Gushers are my favorite right now, which is interesting because I usually don’t like things with jelly filling.