Yep, He Really Said That

I just realized that the guy from my profile writing class who said he didn’t know that Black people ate frozen yogurt was about 40 at the time and… wow. Let me explain: It was 2014, I was like half way through Columbia’s journo program, and I was sitting in my professor’s office (I feel like it was a cubicle situation) when she told me what he said. She was giving me a heads up because we were going to spend the next class taking a bias quiz.

Apparently, they were talking about Harlem and he said something like he was surprised to see a frozen yogurt place there (or something like that) because he didn’t know we ate frozen yogurt. I was out the day that this happened, FYI. So, yea, we took a bias test in the next class, talked about it, and that was that.

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