I Ran Out of Honey Pot Pads ðŸ¥º

Welp, it’s back to the “ghetto” I go. I forgot to re-up on my Honey Pot overnight pads, my go-to since trying them in January, and I’z (yes, I meant to write that!) feeling mighty down. I don’t wanna use Always, again.

I mean, I can tell Always is trying with the new packaging and whatever but… the quality is just nonexistent. They’re too thin and don’t absorb as well as Honey Pot pads do. Like, Honey Pot ain’t never made me double up. I use one pad at a time and that’s all I need but Always? It’s double or nothing. Sure, I could get the thicker version of Always’ pads but I like length and a lil bit of thickness. Not diaper thick, you know?

Anyways, happy Saturday! 😘

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