Brittany Campbell Is The Buzz

“I be the buzz. I—I be the buzz.” This song, “Buzz” by Brittany Campbell, has been bouncing around my head for weeks now. I was supposed to write about it a week ago but my Bday trip to Belize got me a little sidetracked, but I’m back now and this song still bumps! The beat in combination with the sultry and slurred (at times) way that Campbell sings makes it hard to ignore. And the video is just as appealing.

In true Brittany Campbell style, the video features bursts of animation done by Campbell herself and a group of friends having a good time. It’s a super chill visual with major summertime fly vibes.

“Buzz” is a song off of Campbell’s Stay Gold Pt. 1 EP that was released earlier this year. I’ve listened to the 6 track EP several times and let me tell you: It. is. So. Good. Her vocals are A1, the production, which I believe she does herself, is unlike any pop, R&B or hip-hop song out today (I won’t even attempt to associate Campbell’s music with just one genre since it’s a fusion of many, but it’s somewhere near those three). I’m always amazed by artists who manage to carve a new lane for themselves. Sometimes I feel like everything has been done before and there’s nothing new to do, however, I stand corrected. My favorite thing about Campbell’s music is that she is always empowered and is often the aggressor. Though she writes and sings a ton of love songs, they’re not the sappy, I-need-a-man kind.

Take a listen to Stay Gold Pt. 1, and check out “Buzz,” where Campbell reminds her lover that she is the shit and will “slay every girl” that came before her. Let me know what you think!

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