No F**ks Were Given At ‘The Other Festival’

Last weekend I pushed through a baby migraine and went to The Other Festival, an all-female festival held in New York City, and it was inspiring AF. The venue was filled with designers, photographers, journalist, directors and more. It was a complete creative collective fest (alliteration anyone?) and I loved every bit of it. The day consisted of twelve panels of three or more speakers discussing topics that ranged from how to use your creative voice, to the importance of utilizing social media to advance your movement. There was even a panel on what it’s like being a female DJ today featuring Kitty Cash, Jasmine Solano, and Chelsea Leyland (never heard of her before last weekend, but she seemed dope).

Oh, and, Naomi Campbell was there too (no biggie). The icon sat down for a live interview with Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Anne Fuelwider. I honestly don’t know what the interview was about because I was so amazed by how bomb Naomi looked IRL, and how sickening her accent was. When I awoke from my haze she was telling a story about being super hungry at a shoot and chowing down on chocolate with a well-known designer whose name I can’t recall. I know, bad journalist.

I did take this gorgeous pic of her, though, so give me some credit.


Check out a few more highlights of the day!

Kudos to Dee Poku-Spalding for pulling off such a great event; I’m definitely looking forward to it next year.

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